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Cloud4all Logo

Cloud4all is an international project funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union that will advance the concept of the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII).

Logo of Apsis4All

The APSIS4all (Accessible Personalised Services In PDTS for all) consortium was set up to overcome the existing accessibility barriers faced by disabled people, older people and people who are not

ATIS4all Logo

ATIS4all is a European Thematic Network which main objective seeks to facilitate everyone’s access to the most suitable AT or accessibility device and service according to their needs, preferences


ETNA works in collaboration with the ATIS4All Thematic Network and in agreement with the EASTIN Association at the foundations of the future EASTIN 2.0 Portal – an evolution of the the current EAST

Floe project Logo

Paving the way toward inclusive Open Education Resources Floe is enabling inclusive access to personally relevant, engaging learning opportunities for the full diversity of learners and content pro

ACCES4ALL Project Logo

The aim of ACCESS4ALL is to promote the educational and social inclusion of under-represented groups as well as of non-traditional learners, thereby broadly satisfying one of the main priorities be

Sport+4all Project Logo

In order to meet the needs of people with disabilities, promote their rights and participation in sport and physical activity rehabilitation centres must develop support services that enable disabl

ASK-IT Project Logo

ASK-IT is an integrated project, partly funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme, e-Inclusion.

universAAL Project Logo

universAAL IoT is the open source platform that enables seamless interoperability of devices, services and applications on an unprecedented scale.

InLife project Logo

IN LIFE concept is to address the challenge of turning existing research efforts to reality for real people across Europe.

ACTIVAGE project Logo

ACTIVAGE aims to prolong and support the independent living of older adults in their living environments and responding to real needs of caregivers, service providers and public authorities, throug

SOCIABLE project Logo

SOCIABLE introduces a radically new approach for ICT assisted cognitive training and social activation for a wide range of senior citizens including cognitive intact elderly, older adults with Mild

MyUI project Logo

The MyUI European research project aims at increasing and mainstreaming the accessibility of every-day ICT products.

Fluid project Logo

User Interface Options (also known as Learner Options) allows users to personalize interfaces and content to meet individual needs and preferences.

Logo of the project Cap4Access

FP7-ICT, From 2014-01-01 to 2016-12-31, closed project. The objective of CAP4Access is to develop and pilot-test methods and tools for collectively gathering and sharing information about accessibility of public spaces.

Logo of the project AEGIS

The AEGIS project seeks to determine whether 3rd generation access techniques will provide a more accessible, more exploitable and deeply embeddable approach in mainstream ICT (desktop, rich Internet and mobile applications). The AEGIS project ended Aug 2012.