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Testers Connection

The purpose of the Testers Connection is to connect individuals with disabilities or other special attributes and who are interested in acting as testers with developers who are looking for people who can help them test their products during development and/or when they are near completion.

The Testers Connection works in the following way.

  1. Individuals interested in acting as testers fill out the TESTER  form providing us with contact information and the types of information and communication technologies (ICT) they are interested in testing.
  2.  Developers or companies interested in having their products tested can fill out a TESTERS WANTED form describing the types of ICT they want tested and, optionally, additional information about what it is they want to have tested.
  3. The DeveloperSpace staff will take the TESTERS WANTED submission and see if there are any TESTERS that match.  
    • If we find a match, we send a note to the tester to let them know and providing them with information on how to contact developer or company seeking the testers.  
    • We do not give out name or contact information of any testers directly to others.
    • We only pass information to testers about developers/companies looking for testers. It is up to the individual testers themselves to decide if they want to contact the companies to determine if there is a good fit and determine if they would like to test the companies product(s).


If you are interested in being a Tester  please fill out the  TESTER form

If you are a Developer/Company looking for testers please fill out the  TESTERS WANTED form