Fluid UI Options

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User Interface Options (also known as Learner Options) allows users to personalize interfaces and content to meet individual needs and preferences. With User Interface Options, the user can customize content the following ways:

  • Text size and style
  • Line spacing
  • Colour and contrast
  • Display a table of contents
  • Emphasize links
  • Simplify layout
  • Enable text-to-speech without additional plugins or software

If used with the Floe Video Player, User Interface Options can also adjust:

  • show captions and transcripts
  • specify language

User Interface Options allows users to customize the presentation of material on devices to meet their unique needs and preferences. A website developer will typically integrate User Interface Options into a site or application.The team is working on making a cloud-based UIO that will allow users to store “themes” in the cloud for easy reuse across our increasingly digital world. That work is being led by the Floe Project and is also happening within the Cloud4All project and Preferences for Global Access.

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