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Screenshot of the Fall Detection Module

Fall Detection Module

P4All Fall Detection Module is a module that detects falls (and/or potentially other human locomotion activities) based on the activity-related recordings of accelerometers. The core algorithm of the module has been built upon a neuro-fuzzy approach.

IRE Runtime Environment

The main goal of the Runtime Environment Prototype, is to achieve a scalable and extensible integration of the three platforms (AsTeRICS ARE, URC, MyUI) in order to produce a multiplatform environment which will "harvest“ the benefits of each platform. To fully understand the added value of the resulting solution, a basic knowledge of each platform is required. A brief description of AsTeRICS, URC and MyUI can be found below:

AsTeRICS logo

AsTeRICS Plugin Development - Step by Step

This tutorial explains how to write a new plugin for AsTeRICS in a step by step guide.

AsTeRICS Camera Mouse Model Creation - Step by Step

Explains how to create a mouse input emulation by creating a camera mouse solution (model) with AsTeRICS in a step by step tutorial.

AsTeRICS User Manual

The user manual for the Assistive Technology Rapid Integration & Construction Set, gives an overview of what you can do with AsTeRICS and explains how to create models.

User Interface Options Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through the process of adding the Infusion User Inteface Options component to your website.

Preferences framework

Infusion Preferences Framework Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through the process of building a Preference Editor using the Infusion Preferences Framework