IRE Runtime Environment

The main goal of the Runtime Environment Prototype, is to achieve a scalable and extensible integration of the three platforms (AsTeRICS ARE, URC, MyUI) in order to produce a multiplatform environment which will "harvest“ the benefits of each platform. To fully understand the added value of the resulting solution, a basic knowledge of each platform is required. A brief description of AsTeRICS, URC and MyUI can be found below:

  • AsTeRICS: Assistive Technology Rapid Integration & Construction Set. The “Assistive Technology Rapid Integration and Construction Set” (AsTeRICS) offers a flexible framework for Assistive Technologies (AT), which can be adapted to the motor abilities of users.
  • URC: Universal Remote Console. The overall purpose of the URC framework (standardized in ISO/IEC 24752) is to provide a mechanism, enabling users to control any target with any controller devices fitting best the user’s needs
  • MyUI: Framework for model-based adaptive user interfaces. MyUI provides an environment to render and adapt a user interface to the user context during runtime.

Furthermore, the GPII framework was used as the basic infrastructure for better and centralized coordination of the three platforms through the identification of the users via NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and adaptation to their needs and preferences.

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