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by teco-kit

Javascript sensor abstraction layer that focusses on extensibility and usability. Supports bluetooth (via cordava) and remote sensors (via webrtc)

PEAT Photosensitivity Epilepsy Analysis Tool

by Trace R&D Center, University of Maryland

A free tool for analyzing web content to determine if it might cause seizures in those who have photosensitive seizure disorders such as epilepsy. 


by REMEXLabs

This prototypical implementation will show the transfer of URC (Universal Remote Console) to the Eclipse Smart Home project.


by EyeTribe

Objective-C SDK for The Eye Tribe Tracker


by VGamezz19

? MEAN ? In collaboration for La Once. SPA with MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node). Screen Reader (Web-Blinds).

Infusion Uploader component

Infusion Uploader provides an easy way for users to upload many files at once, providing useful feedback about the status and progress of each file along the way.

User Interface Options

by Fluid Project

The User Interface Options (UI Options) component allows users to transform the presentation of the user interface and content resources so that they are personalized to the individual user's needs. UI Options is part of the Infusion Framework.

Infusion Inline Edit component

Inline Edit allows a user to do quick edits to simple text without having to switch modes or screens.

Infusion Table of Contents component

The Table of Contents component examines a page for HTML heading elements, and generates and formats a list of links to headings that can be used to navigate the page.

Infusion Pager component

The Pager allows users to break up long lists of items into separate pages. They may decide whether or not they want paging, and how many results are displayed per page.

Infusion Reorderer component

The Infusion Reorderer component allows developers to create rich, accessible user interfaces which enables users to directly re-arrange content on the page.



by JFusco

WAI-ARIA compliant React autocomplete component


by REMEXLabs

An ajax client to query and retrieve data from an OpenURC resource server.

AsTeRICS Nexus Connector

This component for the AsTeRICS Framework allows to add custom AsTeRICS one-fits-one accessibility to your applications and web pages via the NEXUS API

CSS Context Query

Context Queries are an extension of the CSS Media Queries.The @context rule defines the style rules for context based features like the ambient light levels.


by timwright12

A simple, yet fairly complex (and accessible) hide/show toggle behavior


by mgifford

A public space for accessibility issues with GitHub, not managed by GitHub.

Open BCI: Bioelectric Signal Acquisition and Processing

The Open BCI project provides open source hardware and software for bioelectric signal acquisition systems (biosignal amplifiers).