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Assets Chart Component

The charts widget from the Assets Framwork utilizes the Chart.js library to provide a fully responsive method for displaying a chart or graph. It is based on html tables and has no known accessibility issues.

AFB Accessible Html5 Video Player

Fully accessible, embedded video player with HTML5 controls. 

Infusion Text-to-Speech component

The Infusion Text-to-Speech component provides a Javascript wrapper around the SpeechSynthesis Interface from the Web Speech API.

Infusion Progress component

The Infusion Progress component provides a usable and accessible linear progress display for use on its own or with other Infusion components.


by brunopulis

:sunglasses: Reviews de Acessibildade em diversos sites


by tuukkao

OsX-style internet browsing for your Windows screen reader.

User Interface Options Plus (UIO+)

by Fluid Project

User Interface Options Plus (UIO+) allows you to customize websites to match your own personal needs and preferences. Settings for the adaptations can be set via the UIO+ adjuster panel or, if on a GPII (Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure) enable machine, from a keyed in preference set.


by MooTools

MooTools is a collection of JavaScript utilities designed for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer.


by ryanhemphill

This is the prototype for ChromaFocus LITE, a next-generation color-picker for contrast and colorblindness, which is now moved to a new repo (sorry for inconveniences). It will be periodically updated to reflect ChromaFocus LITE's codebase. ChromaFocus PRO (due in mid 2018) will not be posted at this location.


by scheah

A Google Glass App - For spell checking text


by PayPal

Replacement for your old classic "Skipnav" link.

IIRFilter: Signal processing and filtering with AsTeRICS

This bulding block provides adjustable Infinite Impulse Response Filters, based on the Java DSP Library:

FS20: Wireless Environmental Control with AsTeRICS

Wireless Environmental Control with FS20 devices.

Integrated Smart Home Example in AsTeRICS

This building block demonstrates an integrated Smart Home environment based on AsTeRICS.


by willwade

A small OSX app to help scroll windows with the mouse. Useful for people using head/face mouse etc


by CyrusRoshan

a Google Chrome extension that helps readability for people with dyslexia


by Tanaguru

Web accessibility (a11y) observatory and monitoring tool (based on Tanaguru)