A public space for accessibility issues with GitHub, not managed by GitHub.

Note: Worth checking out this other issue queue here that is more active but less focused on accessibility

Github is a complex application that incorporates many different tools. The Github interface is complex, but despite this has many features that make it a usable tool for many people, including people with disabilities. Yet people with disabilities can still find it difficult or frustrating to be part of the Github community, especially if they use assistive technologies like screen readers or speech recognition.

Github4All is a place where those challenges can be surfaced and discussed, where solutions can be offered, and where the Github team can tap into the knowledge of the accessibility community already using this essential part of the infrastructure.

What Can We Do About It?

Add and Log Issues

Add accessibility issues to the issues associated with this project and then email about them.

GitHub needs an issue queue of its own to manage accessibility problems as they inevitably come up. Having a responsive person at the end of a support email is great, but as every GitHub project owner knows, there's a lot more power to a threaded issue queue than there is to email support.

A GitHub issue queue allows:

  1. everyone to see the issues that have been posted to check to see if someone has already reported it.
  2. a transparent space to see how long it takes issues to be addressed, thus giving users confidence that accessibility issues have priority.
  3. interested parties to review "bugs" and offer suggestions.

We'd like GitHub to have a team of accessibility experts to resolve these issues, but furthermore we want GitHub to leverage a community of users who already have expertise in this area and use GitHub itself to make GitHub more inclusive for everyone.

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