How to Market your Accessible Product

Maintained by Anna Szopa Ph.D. and Gregg Vanderheiden Ph.D.

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For the Single Developer/Inventor

This first section is vocused on the small developer.  Whether you are a 1 or 2 person shop,  a researcher who created a new assistive technology, or a parent or friend who created something for a specific individual and would now like to make sure it is available for others as well, this section can give you tips and links to resources to help you move your idea out. 

The list below is organized to help you find information on a specific aspect -- or to walk you through some of the different aspects you should think about if you are new to this. 

  1. Engage a Marketing Professional

  2. Get your product on the market

    • if it is an app - 
    • If not an app, and if you don't want to create and pay to set up an ecommerce site of your own:
      • Use GPII openMarketplace to sell it   
  3. Get your product known -  

  4. Being sure that your product can compete, or be ahead of competition

  5. Finding someone else to market your solution  (if you don't want to sell it yourself)

    • Familiarize yourself with some of the problems in doing this (having someone else market your product) to avoid common mistakes in tech transfer to a company 
    • Read the 10 Laws of technology transfer for some further insights
    • Searching for a mfgr/vendor for your product   
  6. Check out the Marketing Resources (below) 



For the Small and Growing Businesses

  1. See "single developer” list above
  2. Learn more about your customers
    • Use the LEARN section of the GPII DeveloperSpace
    • Check out the Disability Statistics Quicksheet
  3. Learn about the more about Markets and Marketing
    1.  Introductions
    2. Reports
    3. Publications, latest trends and information
    4. Tools and resources for marketing​
    5. Journals
  4. Test your product 
    1. Importance of testing 
    2. how to test product with users with disabilities (useful tips)
    3. How to find users with the disabilities you need for testing  (coming)
  5. Engage your customers further in the development process 



For Mainstream Companies - wanting to make their accessibility features more widely known and used. [ Coming Soon]

  1. Studies of mainstream accessibility features
    1. Gartner
    2. Forrester  
  2. Selling Accessibility inside your company 
    1. Altruism doesn’t work long term   
    2. Pride works better -- but needs to be sustained with recognition (usually through more innovation) 
    3. Making the business case  - works best
  3. Consider compatibility with the GPII auto-personalization