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Find out how to manage focus on a webpage or in a web application.

There are a number of standards that can be considered, depending on whether you are creating a static or dynamic web site, an authoring tool, or perhaps even a PDF document.

Find out how to be sure your website or web application works with the keyboard alone.

This is a short overview of web accessibility, including a discussion about the potential benefits for all web users.

Using images in web sites automatically introduces accessibility issues for some people, who are unable to see them, but at the same it could be an accessibility facilitator for others. Read more about how to use images in web sites at their best potential, and how to make sure that they are accessible for all.

This QuickSheet provides a summary of key documents that can aid in understanding the disability market; providing reports, strategies, articles and other documents that present status, data, statistics, trends, and other aspects related to disability.

This is an introduction to social media accessibility, including identification of common accessibility issues and features offered by each social media platform to make your posts more accessible.

This Quick Sheet provides detailed information about decibels, sound pressure level and our perception of loudness.

Learn more about low vision, its causes, types and impact on everyday life.

This is a comparative view of the gesture accessibility options of various mainstream mobile operating systems.