10.2.3: Captions (pre-recorded)

Where ICT is a non-web document, it shall satisfy the success criterion in Table 10.3.

Table 10.3: Document success criterion: Captions (pre-recorded)

For pre-recorded audio-only and pre-recorded video-only media, the following are true, except when the audio or video is a media alternative for text and is clearly labelled as such:

  • Pre-recorded Audio-only: An alternative for time-based media is provided that presents equivalent information for pre-recorded audio-only content.
  • Pre-recorded Video-only: Either an alternative for time-based media or an audio track is provided that presents equivalent information for pre-recorded video-only content.

NOTE 1: The alternative can be provided directly in the document - or provided in an alternate version that meets the success criterion.

NOTE 2: This success criterion is identical to the WCAG 2.0 Success Criterion 1.2.1 Audio-only and Video-only (Pre-recorded) with the addition of note 1 above.

Testing methods

Type of compliance Inspection
  1. The ICT is a non-web document.
  1. Check that the document does not fail the Success Criterion in Table 10.3.
Result Pass: Check 1 is true
Fail: Check 1 is false

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