User Testing Tool

This document contains information on how to download, install and start developing on this project.

1. Requirements

  1. Git
  2. VirtualBox
  3. Vagrant

Note for Windows users

- Install software to a path which contains no spaces. for example: C:\tools\

- Add the VirtualBox installation directory to your PATH variables.

- Add the Git bin directory to your PATH variables.

- Make sure Virtualisation is enabled in your BIOS

2. Install Project

  1. Clone the repository to your local machine:

  2. First time usage will install and configure all dependencies. This can take up to 10 minutes.
    From your project directory enter the command:

    $ vagrant up

3. Run Project

  1. From your project directory enter the command:

    $ vagrant up

  2. After the command has finished the project will be available on:

  3. Changes you make to this project will be synced to the virtual machine.

  4. MySQL database can be accessed trough credentials:

    database:   accessiblecheck_dev
    user:       accheck
    pass:       accheck

4. Stopping the virtual machine

  • Stop the virtual machine using the command:

    $ vagrant halt

  • Destroy the virtual machine, for example if you want to clear space or don't often work on this project.

    $ vagrant destroy

5. Updating the project

  • Updates will be automatically run when starting the virtual machine

  • If the machine is already running, reload.

    $ vagrant reload

  • If the machine is not running, start.

    $ vagrant up