Tool List

All tools are public Github repositories primary written in HTML and/or JavaScript

Repo Purpose Type Dependencies
Projects that use axe-core code audit - -
Document Outline Audit code audit bookmarklet -
Khan/tota11y code audit bookmarklet -
A11y.css code audit bookmarklet -
Visual ARIA code audit bookmarklet -
AInspector Sidebar code audit browser addon Firefox
GoogleChrome/accessibility-developer-tools-extension code audit browser addon Closure Compiler
dequelabs/axe-core code audit code library JavaScript
rackt/react-a11y code audit code library React
peypal/AATT code audit code library Node/PhantomJS
WCAG Zoo code audit code library Python
addyosmani/a11y code audit CLI Node/PhantomJS
yargalot/grunt-accessibility code audit CLI Node/Grunt
nature/pa11y code audit CLI Node/PhantonJS
The A11y Machine code audit CLI Node/PhantomJS
GoogleChrome/accessibility-developer-tools code audit local Node service Node
squizlabs/HTML_CodeSniffer code audit stand-alone page JavaScript
TENON code audit stand-alone page -
Tanaguru code audit stand-alone page -
Asqatasun code audit stand-alone page -
WAVE by WebAIM code audit stand-alone page -
prettydiff/colorContrast color contrast stand-alone page -
LeaVerou/contrast-ratio color contrast stand-alone page -
jxnblk/colorable color contrast code library JavaScript
xi/sass-planifolia color contrast code library Sass
haltersweb/Accessibility component collection in-page function -
jQuery plugins for simple elements component collection in-page function JQuery
Van11y component collection in-page function -
AccDC Technical Style Guide component collection in-page function JQuery
MooTools powered accessible widget archive component collection in-page function MooTools
Dojo powered accessible widget archive component collection in-page function Dojo
scottaohara/accessible-components component collection in-page function JQuery
Frend component collection in-page function -
ally.js component: focus utility in-page function -
A11y Dialog component: dialog in-page function -
A11y Toggle component: toggle in-page function -
Accessible Tooltips component: tooltip in-page function -
adobe-accessibility/Accessible-Mega-Menu component: menu in-page function JQuery
jQuery ARIA menubar utility component: menu in-page function jQuery
CaptionBot image caption generator stand-alone page -
The A11Y Project informational stand-alone page Ruby
Accessibility Tree Training Guide, how ARIA works informational stand-alone page -
melmo/ informational stand-alone page -
eBay MIND Patterns informational stand-alone page -
Practical ARIA Examples informational stand-alone page -
Deque Code Library informational stand-alone page -
wesbos/keycodes keyboard keycodes stand-alone page -
Keyboard Event Viewer keyboard keycodes stand-alone page -
RAMP-PCAR mapping application Node/Grunt
dylanb/ reference ARIA stand-alone page - reference browser stand-alone page -
Screen reader reliability reference Screen Reader stand-alone page -
zone/zwag reference WCAG stand-alone page Node
nature/pa11y-dashboard reporting stand-alone page Node/PhantomJS
prettydiff/semanticText semantic analysis in-page function -
Khan/tota11y semantic analysis in-page function JQuery
IBM-Watson/a11y.js utility, ARIA code library JavaScript
howlowck/Akbar vision simulation bookmarklet -
A11yance/a11y-core ? code library Node/Grunt

My purpose in making such a list is that I want to be aware of what things are being evaluated so that I can get an idea of what things aren't being evaluated. Accessibility is hard, and since many commercial sites don't produce high quality HTML accessibility is much harder than it should be. Making accessibility easier to implement and understand is absolutely important. Good tools help with this.

Sometimes the biggest problem with accessibility is that we know what to check for (most of the time), but we don't always know what grading aspects we are missing. Examples include color contrast problems over gradient backgrounds and improper use of the title attribute. Sometimes we also don't realize how the dynamic interactions we introduce with JavaScript alienate segments of our audience.

Accessibility advocates typically suggest having at least 3 accessibility tools frequently used, because they each are better in different particular areas. An awareness of the tools available benefits everybody whether or not you intend to make accessibility tools. Please submit pull requests with additional tools.