Generate or retrieve text descriptions/tags for images

This area consists of two methods for labelling images:

  • Automatically analyzing images, their context, and their metadata in order to provide a thorough and accurate description that is accessible to someone who cannot see the image. This may take the form of a text description or tag.
  • Additionally, this area may draw from the image tagging protocols used by popular sites such as Flickr, Facebook, and Google, and would benefit greatly if these sites were to converge on a single, standard tagging protocol.

Discussion by Disabilities (Benefits & Preferred Behaviors)


Text descriptions of images can greatly increase understanding of a site for those who cannot see.

Low Vision

Text descriptions of images can greatly increase understanding of a site for those who have low vision.

Cognitive, Language, Learning Disabilities & Low Literacy

Text descriptions of images can assist people with cognitive, language, and learning disabilities in understanding the image’s content.

Existing Products

This listing includes a wide range of products, from screen readers, to simple text-to-speech utilities, to large literacy suites that include a text-to-speech application. Please note that these products are not necessarily endorsed by RtF, but represent the range of available options.

Free, not necessarily open source

These products are free to use, but may have strict restrictions on viewing and modifying source code.

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by alice17

ImageReader is a Chrome Extension designed for helping blind people to learn about the content of an image in a web page.


by sbarry50

A system for inlining accessible SVG icons in WordPress themes.


by UFHealth

WordPress plugin to require an ALT tag for all inserted images.


by btlorch

Replaces non-descriptive image alt tags with a meaningful image caption

FLOE Chart Authoring Tool

A tool for authoring accessible charts for the web, including sonification of data.