Reformat displayed text to facilitate reading

Reformat text using CSS or other methods to make it more easily readable, both by human readers and by screen readers. This feature may also remove images and other distractions.

Discussion by Disabilities (Benefits & Preferred Behaviors)


Reformatting text can make it easier to read and understand with a machine screen reader.

Low Vision

Reformatting text can make it easier to read with low vision, removing un-needed elements of the User Interface.

Cognitive, Language, Learning Disabilities & Low Literacy

Certain text formatting methods, such as breaking up lines or staggering text in certain ways, may be easier to read.

Existing Products

Please note that these products are not necessarily endorsed by RtF, but represent the range of available options.

Open Source and free

These products are free and their source code may be modified with few restrictions.

Free, not necessarily open source

These products are free to use, but may have strict restrictions on viewing and modifying source code.

Commercial, with free trial

  • Live Ink – Walker Reading Technologies

Commercial, no free trial

These products must be purchased to be used, and did not offer free trials at the time of posting.

Learn more about digital literacy and digital skills.

Learn more about learning disabilities and how they affect an individual’s life also beyond academics.

Learn more about cognitive disabilities, medical conditions and examples of what people with intellectual or cognitive deficits experience in everyday life.

Learn more about blindness and legal blindness.

Learn more about low vision, its causes, types and impact on everyday life.

The development of an PDF reader that is typographically oriented and has features that allow users to change the visual presentation of the text including enlargement, reflow, text search, and other accessible features without loss of information.


by ghosh

💬 Modern, minimal, a11y enabled, ultra lightweight css tooltip library. Just 1kb.


by ThePacielloGroup

footnote custom element