photosensitive epilepsy

The Trace R&D Center (previously at the University of Wisconsin, and now at the University of Maryland) created an free tool for analyzing web content to detect content whose flashing content posed a risk for triggering seizures. To do this, the Trace Center licensed a proprietary engine and then wrapped the engine in an open source analysis program and released it for free public use. This challenge is to create and open source analysis engine to replace the proprietary engine -- so that the entire PEAT tool can be released as open source.  It is a great yet straightforward challenge for someone clever and good at algorithms. 

This is a two part Challenge -- both parts relating to tools that can detect visual flashing in the environment That might lead to a photo induced seizure – and then taking some sort of action to lessen the impact of the effect in order to prevent the seizure.  One challenge relates to content on moniors.  The other to stimuli in the general environment.