Assist with homophones

This feature would assist with homophones when typing. This could be done initially by highlighting homophones so that the user can detect mistakes, or by intelligently choosing between “their,” “there,” and “they’re” given the context.

Discussion by Disabilities

Homophones can pose problems for everyone, and are especially difficult for people with cognitive, language, and learning disabilties. Using a homophone checker can help to identify misspelled words and correct errors.

Existing Products

This listing includes a wide range of products, from simple stand-alone spell-checkers to large literacy suites that include a spelling or grammar checking tool. Please note that these products are not necessarily endorsed by RtF, but represent the range of available options.

  • Spelling and grammar checking are also supported by mainstream writing products, such as the Microsoft Office Suite, Open Office, and many email programs. However, these products generally do not have comprehensive homophone checking tools.
  • Read & Write – TextHelp
  • ClaroRead – Claro Software

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