translate Obstructed (< 635 mm) forward reach

Where the access space is integral to the ICT and has an obstruction which is integral to the ICT and which is greater than 510 mm (20 inches) and less than 635 mm (25 inches) maximum, the forward reach to all essential controls should be no higher than 1 120 mm (44 inches) above the floor contact of the ICT. This is shown in Figure 9 (b).

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Figure 9: Obstructed high reach

Testing methods

Type of compliance Inspection and measurement
  1. The access space is integral to the ICT.
  2. There is an integral obstructed access to the controls.
  3. The obstruction is between 510 mm and 635 mm.
  1. Check that the height of the topmost essential control is no higher than 1120 mm above the floor contact of the ICT
Result If check 1 is true then this recommendation is followed.

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