8.3.1. General (informative)

Clauses 8.3.2 to 8.3.4 describe recommendations on those dimensions that are integral to the ICT (e.g. integral shelves, or integral cabins that may restrict access to the operable parts of the ICT).

When ICT is installed, the dimensions of the surrounding space combined with the dimensions of the ICT might affect the physical access to the ICT. Accessible physical access of the ICT would be achieved if the installation instructions referred to in clause 8.3.5 are followed.

It may not be possible to apply all recommendations of clause 8.3 to all aspects of maintenance, repair, or occasional monitoring of equipment in all circumstances. Nevertheless, it is best practice to apply the recommendations in clause 8.3, where feasible and safe to do so.


  1. The dimensions set out in clause 8.3 are identical to those given in the American 2010 ADA standards for accessible design [i.25].
  2. Physical access to ICT is dependent on the dimensions of both the ICT and the environment in which it is installed and operated. Clause 8.3 does not apply to the accessibility of the physical environment external to the ICT.

Testing methods

This clause is advisory only and contains no requirements requiring test.

The tests in clause C.8.3 are made available to support the recommendations in clause 8.3. They should be applied if the recommendations in clause 8.3 are being followed. However, tests in clause C.8.3 do not form part of the compliance requirements and are not required in any compliance report.

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