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Where ICT hardware is a fixed-line communication device with speech output and which is normally held to the ear and which carries the "T" symbol specified in ETS 300 381 [1], it shall provide a means of magnetic coupling which meets the requirements of ES 200 381-1 [2].


ICT fulfilling the requirements of TIA-1083-A [i.24] is deemed to comply with the requirements of this clause.

Testing methods

Type of compliance Inspection based on measurement data
  1. The ICT hardware is a fixed line communication device with an audio output that is normally held to the ear.
  2. The ICT carries the "T" symbol.
  1. Check that the ICT is certified to meet TIA-1083-A [i.24].
  2. Measurements are made according to ES 200 381-1 [2] which prove that the requirements defined in that standard are fulfilled.
Result  Pass: Check 1 or 2 is true
 Fail: Checks 1 and 2 are false

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