6.2: Real-Time Text (RTT) functionality

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Where ICT supports two-way voice communication in a specified context of use, the ICT shall allow a user to communicate with another user by RTT. Concurrent voice and text

Where the ICT, or set of ICT, provided to a user, supports two-way voice communication and enables a user to communicate with another user by RTT, it shall provide a mechanism to select a mode of operation allowing concurrent voice and text. Visually distinguishable display

Where ICT has RTT send and receive capabilities, displayed sent text shall be visually differentiated from and separated from received text. Programmatically determinable send and receive direction

Where ICT has RTT send and receive capabilities, the send/receive direction of transmitted text shall be programmatically determinable, unless the RTT has closed functionality.

Where ICT with RTT functionality interoperates with other ICT with RTT functionality (as required by they shall support at least one of the four RTT interoperability mechanisms described below:

a) ICT interoperating over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), with other ICT that directly connects to the PSTN as described in Recommendation ITU-T V.18 [i.23] or any of its annexes for text telephony signals at the PSTN interface;

b) ICT interoperating with other ICT using VOIP with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and using real-time text that conforms to RFC 4103 [i.13];

c) ICT interoperating with other ICT using RTT that conforms with the IP Multimedia Sub-System (IMS) set of protocols specified in TS 126 114 [i.10], TS 122 173 [i.11] and TS 134 229 [i.12];

d) ICT interoperating with other ICT using a relevant and applicable common specification for RTT exchange that is published and available. This common specification shall include a method for indicating loss or corruption of characters.

Where ICT utilises RTT input, that RTT input shall be transmitted to the ICT network supporting RTT within 1 second of the input entry.