4.2.2. Usage with limited vision

Where <abbr title="Information and Communication Technologies">ICT</abbr> provides visual modes of operation, some users will need the ICT to provide features that enable users to make better use of their limited vision.


  1. Magnification, reduction of required field of vision and control of contrast may contribute towards meeting this clause.
  2. Where significant features of the user interface are dependent on depth perception, the provision of additional methods of distinguishing between the features may contribute towards meeting this clause.
  3. Users with limited vision may also benefit from non-visual access (see clause 4.2.1).

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Components that implement this clause


by ryanhemphill

This is the prototype for ChromaFocus LITE, a next-generation color-picker for contrast and colorblindness, which is now moved to a new repo (sorry for inconveniences). It will be periodically updated to reflect ChromaFocus LITE's codebase. ChromaFocus PRO (due in mid 2018) will not be posted at this location.


by andycochran

Foundation A11y-Compliant Color Palette Picker


by jonnybarnes

Make emoji more accessible


by toolness

An Elm-based prototype to help designers build accessible color palettes.