11.6. Authoring tools

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Authoring tools shall conform to clauses 11.6.2 to 11.6.5 to the extent that information required for accessibility is supported by the format used for the output of the authoring tool.

Authoring tools shall enable and guide the production of content that conforms to clauses 9 (Web content) or 10 (Non-Web content) as applicable.

If the authoring tool provides restructuring transformations or re-coding transformations, then accessibility information shall be preserved in the output if equivalent mechanisms exist in the content technology of the output.

If the accessibility checking functionality of an authoring tool can detect that content does not meet a requirement of clauses 9 (Web content) or 10 (Documents) as applicable, then the authoring tool shall provide repair suggestion(s).

When an authoring tool provides templates, at least one template that supports the creation of content that conforms to the requirements of clauses 9 (Web content) or 10 (Documents) as applicable shall be available and identified as such.