translate Execution of available actions

When permitted by security requirements, software that provides a user interface shall, by using the services as described in clause, allow the programmatic execution of the actions exposed according to clause by assistive technologies.


  1. In some cases the security requirements imposed on a software product may forbid external software from interfering with the ICT product. Examples of systems under strict security requirements are systems dealing with intelligence activities, cryptologic activities related to national security, command and control of military forces.
  2. Assistive technologies may be required to maintain the same level of security as the standard input mechanisms supported by the platform.

Testing methods

Type of compliance Inspection and testing
  1. The software evaluated is software that provides a user interface.
  2. There are user interface elements that have actions that can be executed by the user.
  3. The security requirements permit assistive technology to programmatically execute user actions.
  1. Check that the user interface element's information includes the list of actions that can be executed by assistive technologies according to
  2. Check that all the actions in the list can successfully be executed by assistive technologies.
Result Pass: Checks 1 and 2 are true
Fail: Check 1 or 2 is false

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