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Where ICT is non-web software that provides a user interface and that supports access to keyboards or a keyboard interface, it shall satisfy the success criterion in Table 11.15.

Table 11.15: Software success criterion: Document success criterion: Keyboard
All functionality of the content is operable through a keyboard interface without requiring specific timings for individual keystrokes, except where the underlying function requires input that depends on the path of the user's movement and not just the endpoints.

NOTE 1: This exception relates to the underlying function, not the input technique. For example, if using handwriting to enter text, the input technique (handwriting) requires path-dependent input but the underlying function (text input) does not.

NOTE 2: This does not forbid and should not discourage providing mouse input or other input methods in addition to keyboard operation.

NOTE 3: This does not imply that software is required to directly support a keyboard or "keyboard interface". Nor does it imply that software is required to provide a soft keyboard. Underlying platform software may provide device independent input services to applications that enable operation via a keyboard. Software that supports operation via such platform device independent services would be operable by a keyboard and would comply.

NOTE 4: This success criterion is identical to the WCAG 2.0 Success Criterion 2.1.1 Keyboard with the addition of note 3 above.

Testing methods

Type of compliance Inspection
  1. The ICT is non-web software that provides a user interface.
  2. The software provides support to keyboards or a keyboard interface.
  1. Check that the software does not fail the Success Criterion in Table 11.15.
Result Pass: Check 1 is true
Fail: Check 1 is false

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Components that implement this clause


by madrobby

A simple micro-library for defining and dispatching keyboard shortcuts. It has no dependencies.