11.1: General (informative)

This clause provides requirements for:

  • platform software;
  • software that provides a user interface including content that is in the software;
  • authoring tools;
  • software that operates as assistive technology.


  1. User agents are examples of software that provide a user interface.
  2. The requirements for Web content, including software that is Web content, can be found in clause 9.
  3. The requirements for documents, that may be presented by user agents, can be found in clause 10.
  4. Although the accessibility of command line interfaces is not dealt with in the present document, accessibility may be achieved by context specific requirements, some of which may be found in clauses 5 or 11.

Testing methods

This clause is advisory only and contains no requirements requiring test.

There is currently no content classified with this term.

Components that implement this clause


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