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by chriskwan

Image Editing Software for People with Disabilities


by wet-boew

Web Experience Toolkit (WET): Open source code library for building innovative websites that are accessible, usable, interoperable, mobile-friendly and multilingual. This collaborative open source project is led by the Government of Canada.


by limonte

A beautiful, responsive, customizable and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript's popup boxes. Zero dependencies.


by yatil

While most browsers work all right with the new semantic elements of HTML5, they don’t add the ARIA accessibility attributes that the specification demands. This small JavaScript adds those attributes to enhance accessibility of web sites.


by asoltys

Ruby on Rails variant of the Government of Canada Web Experience Toolkit


by wet-boew

PHP variant of the Web Experience Toolkit (WET)


by quailjs

Accessibility testing in the browser and on the server.

Infusion Uploader component

Infusion Uploader provides an easy way for users to upload many files at once, providing useful feedback about the status and progress of each file along the way.

Infusion Pager component

The Pager allows users to break up long lists of items into separate pages. They may decide whether or not they want paging, and how many results are displayed per page.

Infusion Reorderer component

The Infusion Reorderer component allows developers to create rich, accessible user interfaces which enables users to directly re-arrange content on the page.


Infusion Table of Contents component

The Table of Contents component examines a page for HTML heading elements, and generates and formats a list of links to headings that can be used to navigate the page.

Infusion Inline Edit component

Inline Edit allows a user to do quick edits to simple text without having to switch modes or screens.

User Interface Options

by Fluid Project

The User Interface Options (UI Options) component allows users to transform the presentation of the user interface and content resources so that they are personalized to the individual user's needs. UI Options is part of the Infusion Framework.


by Asqatasun

Asqatasun Jenkins plugin to leverage web accessibility (a11y) testing in Continuous Integration


by tspivey

A console screen reader for macOS and Linux


by paypal

Automate Accessibility testing within your environment (Localhost)


by mattt

A melodic Sonification of password field input


by ThePacielloGroup

custom heading element