Speech KITT

A flexible GUI for interacting with Speech Recognition

Speech KITT makes it easy to add a GUI to sites using Speech Recognition. Whether you are using annyang, a different library or webkitSpeechRecognition directly, KITT will take care of the GUI.

Speech KITT provides a graphical interface for the user to start or stop Speech Recognition and see its current status. It can also help guide the user on how to interact with your site using their voice, providing instructions and sample commands. It can even be used to carry a natural conversation with the user, asking questions the user can answer with his voice, and then asking follow up questions.

Speech KITT is fully customizable, and comes with many different themes (and instructions on how to create your own designs).

Speech Recognition GUI with Speech KITT

Hello World

The most basic implementation requires 6 commands.

  1. Let KITT know how to start and stop the SpeechRecognition engine you use with SpeechKITT.setStartCommand() and SpeechKITT.setAbortCommand.
  2. Add events to your SpeechRecognition engine so it calls SpeechKITT.onStart() when it starts, and SpeechKITT.onEnd() when it stops.
  3. Tell KITT which stylesheet to use for its GUI with SpeechKITT.setStylesheet() (KITT comes with a number of pre-made styles).
  4. Start your engines with SpeechKITT.vroom()
<script src="//"></script>
// Init the browser's own Speech Recognition
var recognition = new webkitSpeechRecognition();

// Tell KITT the command to use to start listening
SpeechKITT.setStartCommand(function() {recognition.start()});

// Tell KITT the command to use to abort listening
SpeechKITT.setAbortCommand(function() {recognition.abort()});

// Register KITT's recognition start event with the browser's Speech Recognition
recognition.addEventListener('start', SpeechKITT.onStart);

// Register KITT's recognition end event with the browser's Speech Recognition
recognition.addEventListener('end', SpeechKITT.onEnd);

// Define a stylesheet for KITT to use

// Render KITT's interface
SpeechKITT.vroom(); // SpeechKITT.render() does the same thing, but isn't as much fun!

Hello World - With annyang

If you're doing Speech Recognition with annyang, you can skip most of the configuration above. Just calling SpeechKITT.annyang() will take care of the configuration explained in steps 1 & 2 above.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
if (annyang) {
  // Add our commands to annyang
    'hello': function() { alert('Hello world!'); }

  // Tell KITT to use annyang

  // Define a stylesheet for KITT to use

  // Render KITT's interface

API Docs

For details on all available methods, options and more details, check out the API documentation.

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