A work in progress open source gaze tracking implementation, initially target at being a more robust and flexible tracking driver for the Eye Tribe Tracker.
Based on my efforts in reverse engineering the Eye Tribe tracker.


CMake is required to build SmartGaze. You will also need the libuvc library for camera feed capture and OpenCV and Halide
installed for image processing.

###OSX or Linux with Make

# do things in the build directory so that we don't clog up the main directory
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../
./bin/eyeLike # the executable file

###On OSX with XCode

# Install dependencies
brew install libuvc
# I use brew install libuvc --HEAD but that shouldn't be necessary

brew tap homebrew/science
brew install homebrew/science/opencv

brew tap halide/homebrew-halide
brew install halide/halide/halide

mkdir build

then open the XCode project in the build folder and run from there.

###On Windows
There is some way to use CMake on Windows but I am not familiar with it.


This software is licensed under the GPLv2 (see the LICENSE file). The reason I didn't choose a permissive license is that I wrote this
software specifically because I was dissapointed by the inflexibility and poor performance of closed source
eye tracking software. Supposing that I succeed in making a higher quality eye tracking implementation than
proprietary software, I don't want any eye tracking companies to be able to use this software without also
making any modifications to it open source.

SmartGaze is also a program not a library so I gain no adoption benefits by allowing linking to proprietary code.

The first couple commits of camera capture code before I wrote any computer vision were released under the MIT licence though.