Little Apps and Scripts that have been collected.

Scripts are organised depending on the language/scripting tool used. Granted - we could organise these a little better/differently depending on your need but hey - its better than just one big folder right? OK maybe not..

What follows is a kind of Index:


  • JoySwitch. A way of emulating a joycable (a joystick interface) if you don't have one.
  • FilterMouseClicks. Filters the mouse presses.
  • HideMouse. A little demonstration of hiding the mouse - potentially useful for eyegaze
  • KeyboardDebouncer. A useful debouncer script
  • MouseKeys. Use the arrow keys to control the mouse.
  • MusicSwitcher. Listens to a switch/switches and controls the playing of music/video in VLC/iTunes or WMP.
  • Numpad2Text. Imagine a T9 Keyboard using the number pad.
  • OneButtonMouse. Turn a two button mouse into a one button one.
  • OneSwitchTwoActions. Send two Keyboard actions with one switch (keyboard) press.
  • SoundingKeyboardMouse. Plays a different sound for each keyboard press.


  • circleArt. A little demo really - some of the eyegaze/cause and effect apps are easily created.


  • - See above.


  • FilterKeyScripts - Sets the filterkey times using a regedit script.
  • ToggleProxy.vbs - Useful for schools with students taking their laptops between home and school. Switches the Web Proxy on/off.


  • Marcus Friday
  • Simon Judge
  • Will Wade
  • And some hard-to-track down folk largely on the AHK forums..

But it could be you too..

Getting Involved

In order to start contributing code to the project, follow the steps below:

  1. Fork this repo. For detailed instructions visit
  2. Hack away! but please make sure you follow [this branching model] ( That means, make your pull requests against the develop branch, not the master branch.