Eclipse Enhance

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This NVDA Add-on offers an enhanced support while working in the eclipse IDE.

Add-On Features:

Main Features:

  • Play different sounds while you use the Eclipse shortcut CTRL+. (dot) to identify whether an error or a warning is selected.
  • Play different sounds when you press CTRL+S to indicate if the saved file contains errors / warnings.
  • Play a sound when the Eclipse's ContentAssist code completion pops-up.
  • Let the user to choose if she prefers the new behaviour of NVDA (automatically reading and braille autocompletion) or let the standard Eclipse behaviour where you can access ContentAssist by pressing the TAB Key;
  • Announce the breackpoint toggle while pressing CTRL+SHIFT+B.
  • Play a sound when you are in the editor during debug and you move on a line containing a breakpoint or in the current paused line.

Additional Braille Features:

  • Reports braille messages if you save a file that contains errors and / or warnings;
  • Fixes an issues while you can't press the braille scroll back key to move on the previous line

Additional Speech Features:

  • Reports the current line while you move through using debugging keys
  • Reports the current line while you press CTRL+. and the cursor moves.
  • Reports the current line while you press CTRL+SHIFT+UP/DOWN ARROW and jump to previous / jump to next method
  • Reports the current line while you press CTRL+SHIFT+P with a bracket selected: jump to the matching closing or opening bracket

Eclipse Configuration

In order to take advantages of all the features of this addon, you have to configure Eclipse to highlight errors and warnings instead of underline them.
To do so, proceed as follow:

  • Open the Eclipse IDE
  • Open the Window Menu (ALT-W)
  • Choose the "Preferences" item
  • Tab to the tree view
  • Navigate to General, then to Editors, Text Editors, Annotations
  • Press TAB to move to the list of annotations

For each annotation you can choose:

  • Three check boxes (Vertical ruler, Overview ruler and Text As)
  • A combo box that indicates how the annotation is presented in the text (Available when the Text check box has been selected).

Set annotations as follow:

  • Breackpoints: Text As Check Box selected, then TAB and choose "highlighted" from the combo box.
  • Errors: Text As Check Box selected, then TAB and choose "highlighted" from the combo box.
  • Info: Text As Check Box Unselected
  • Matching tags: Text As Check Box Unselected
  • Occurrences: Text As Check Box Unselected
  • Search Results: Text As Check Box Unselected
  • Warnings: Text As Check Box selected, then TAB and choose "highlighted" from the combo box.

NVDA 2019.2 and next behavior

if you don't like the new NVDA behavior in Eclipse, expetially if you are using a braille display and you don't want to have the line hidden by autocompetition each time ContentAssist pops-up, you can enable the old behaviour of NVDA.
In this way, you can access ContentAssist pressing the TAB key.
To do this, edit the file of this addon, and set the OLD_BEHAVIOR variable to True .

Sounds Copyrights

Sounds used to reports errors and warnings are covered by the Creative Commons License.


  • Alberto Zanella


  • Iván Novegil C.


  • Pawel Urbanski
  • Alessandro Albano