Need Android Accessibility Help?

This open source project uses GitHub Issues to allow you to ask Deque Experts your Android Accessibility Questions. Just post an issue. Help us build on our community of Android Accessibility Expertise! Ask us a question or explore answers already available. You can ask about things like:

  • Android Accessibility APIs
  • How to implement complex widgets
  • Generic Android accessibility questions
  • The best thing to eat before a day at CSUN

Anything within the realms of Android Accessibility is fair game. If an issue template fitting your problem doesn't exist, wing it! We will figure it out and label it accordingly. Attest Enterprise Customers send your engagement manager a link to your Issue and our team will prioritize it accordingly.

Deque University for Android

This repository is a set of interactive demos and informational text that demonstrate best practices when coding for both usability and accessibility. The demo application additionally exposes the difficulties faced by TalkBack users in using Native Android applications by enabling a user to use TalkBack with a masked screen.

Each demo in this repository contains of a series of examples that show how the Rule can be handled accessibility, inaccessibility, what requires manual testing, and certain best practices.

Build Empathy with the TalkBack Simulation Option

Create empathy with the TalkBack simulation button. It helps sighted users experience for themselves how an accessibility failure affects accessibility users. Click the eye icon in the upper right hand corner of any story to put an overlay on the screen that forces you to rely on TalkBack to navigate the screen.

Check Out Attest for Android

Attest for Android is a suite of powerful accessibility tools that gives you access to:

  • Accessibility Debugging tools
  • Accessibility Analysis
  • The ability to share and collaborate on Accessibility Behaviors
  • Any question asked in Issues that is accompanied with the information from Attest will be prioritized

Check out the Attest for Android Documentation.