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Asqatasun Jenkins plugin

This project is the Jenkins plugin of Asqatasun.

If you are only interested in testing web accessibility
in a graphical environment, please go to Asqatasun Documentation.

The Jenkins plugin of Asqatasun is dedicated to integrate the web accessibility
tests Asqatasun can do into a Quality Assurance (QA) plateform, here Jenkins.
It allows for example to add accessibility tests of a web application on a nightly
build process (for instance just after the unit tests and functional tests).

The Jenkins plugin of Asqatasun is opensource (AGPL v3 license).

Problem & solution

You already have a QA platform (Jenkins) to build and test your app. Different kinds of
tests are performed thanks to various Jenkins plugins (unit tests, functional
tests, smoke tests, performance tests...).

For accessibility testing, your staff uses some automated tools and human tests, but
you would like to have a stack of basic accessibility tests done in a fully automated and integrated

You know this is not sufficient to have a full compliance with accessibility guidelines,
but this is a good starting point to seamlessly improve the accessibility level of your app
(and by the way the accessibility skills of your dev team ;) ).

Asqatasun Jenkins plugin is meant to mechanize the tests provided by Asqatasun.


  • Leverage strong level of automation provided by Asqatasun
  • Benefit from highly reliable tests of Asqatasun
  • Have stable or broken build depending on a given level of acceptance
    (for instance, stable = at least 80% of tests are OK)
  • Have a centralized control panel in Jenkins

You may also generate graphs of various metrics including:

  • Asqatasun Meter (the performance score of accessibility)
  • Number of Passed / Failed / Not Applicable tests
  • Number of occurrences of failed tests

All audits ran can also be viewed in detail within Asqatasun web application, easing the
identification of given errors.

You will find a detailed list of accessibility tests in Asqatasun Documentation.


Asqatasun Jenkins plugin latest release (.hpi, ~700kb)

Installation and documentation

Support and discussions


We would be really glad to have you on board ! You can help in many ways:

Everything is summarized in the CONTRIBUTING file.