MODX Accessible Manager Project

MODX Revolution has always been a stellar platform for powering accessible websites, but the back-end Manager falls short. Users that rely upon assistive devices such as screen readers, enlarged fonts and alternate input devices were left with a sub-optimal experiences when it comes to creating and managing content in the MODX Manager.

The purpose of this project is to make MODX a first class citizen in the accessible software world, and the premiere accessible CMS. This will be accomplished in a way that doesn't require rebuilding your existing MODX Revolution websites, and achieves some critical goals:

  • Protect existing investments in MODX Revolution sites
  • Enable anyone to use MODX for managing and creating content
  • Make it easy to install in an existing 2.3.x-based site by delivering it as a Manager Theme

This project is being crowdfunded, with intial seed funding sponsored by The Ohio State University. Learn more at

Keyboard Shortcuts

Visit the Wiki page

Keyboard Navigation

Visit the Wiki page

Road Map


  • Keyboard Navigation
  • ARIA roles, states, and properties for all the major areas of the Manager UI
  • Visual Contrast to meet WCAG guidelines
  • Clean up text presentation for screen readers
  • Focus indication
  • Dashboard Widgets:
    • Enable Dyslexia Font
    • Font Size Increase / Decrease
    • Theme Switcher
  • Packaged Installation


  • Modal Support
  • Resource X-Tab Strip Navigation
  • X-Grid Data Table Keyboard Navigation
  • Better Text Error Handling on form inputs
  • Additional Translations

This theme will be available as an extra and the testing releases will be available on GitHub's repo

Get Involved

We would love the world to contribute to this project. Before submitting a new issue or opening a new Pull Request, please search to see if the same issue/PR already exists.

Please note, the repository at modxcms/a11y is only for issues & PRs directly related to the MODX Accessible CMS project. For general issues about MODX Revolution itself, please see modxcms/revolution.

When submitting new issues and PRs, always use the corresponding template.


To clarify and streamline the UI language to improve the overall end user experience for all users, all English lexicon changes are handled in the main GitHub parent project at modxcms/revolution. To make updates to the non-English lexicon files, please do so at Crowdin.


Looking for advise or help in general about MODX Revolution, want to get involved, or have an idea? Please search the MODX documentation, the MODX forums or join to #modx or #xpdo room on IRC FreeNode server (

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