Right-click Dictionary/Idiom/Translation Utility

The DIT Utility  is a "right-click" Dictionary/Idiom/Translation Utility  for use by people who have trouble reading text due to

  • cognitive, language, and learning disabilities
  • just because they are reading content in a language that is not their native language.

The user right clicks on a word and the utility looks it up and presents a pop-up with:

  1. the definition of the word
  2. a translation of the word into a language of the users choice
  3. offers to read the text aloud 
  4. it looks to see if the word(s) are part of an idiom ... and if so - presents the idiom along with the meaning of the idiom.

This utility would work for:

  • words
  • phrases
  • acronyms 
  • abbreviations
  • common foreign language words phrases   (e.g.   n'est–ce pas?    vis-á-vis ,   chutzpah)

Ideally, the database would be expandable (i.e. if the word is not found in a standard reference - then a supplemental database would be consulted)

The goal is to release the final result as open source. 

We are looking for this capability first as a utility for Windows on the PC

$10,000 is offered to the first person to successfully complete this challenge

If you are tackling this challengs - Raising the Floor eccourages to to contact us at