Polls and Surveys Creation Tool

Screenshot of the Polls and Surveys Tools developed by ILUNION

The Polls and Surveys service developed by ILUNION allows users to create fully accessible polls and surveys that can be embedded in any web page. This is the first accessible full-fledged open source survey tool able to collect information from users in order to understand their requirements, validate and tune ideas with them, and testing prototypes (at mid-stage) and product beta (at latter stages). This tool joins a poll and survey editor and will let you improve your the communication and engagement mechanisms in place. Statistics and charts are as visually atractive as accesible. Adding logic and dependecies to a survey is now a simple task. With privacy in mind, this tool does no gather any innecessary personal data.

Some relevante features are:

  • Fully accessible in creation and fulfilment.
  • Keyboard navigation.
  • Surveys and polls in the same tool.
  • Logic and dependencies between questions.
  • Several question types: simple, scale, matrix, paragraph and many more.
  • Statistics: global and per-question.
  • Polls can be embedded in any website.
  • Privacy ensured. No personal data are gathered

Additional Information