European Union (EU) Digital Single Market scoreboard reports

The EU Digital Single Market strategy aims to open up digital opportunities for people and businesses and enhance Europe’s position as a world leader in the digital economy. The major pillars of the strategy are:

  • Boosting European digital industry
  • Building a European data economy
  • Improving connectivity and access
  • Investing on network and technologies
  • Advancing in digital science and infrastructures
  • Supporting media and digital culture
  • Creating a digital society
  • Strengthening trust and security

On a regular basis (yearly) the European Commission is evaluating the implementation status of the strategy, along with the potential of ICT growth in Europe, the trends of the European Broadband Markets and several other performance indicators. In 2017 a series of reports have been published, providing a broader outlook on these issues:

  1. Connectivity: Broadband market developments in the EU 2017.
  2. Human Capital: Digital Inclusion and Skills in the EU 2017.
  3. Use of Internet: Use of Internet Services by Citizens in the EU 2017.
  4. Integration of Digital Technology in the EU 2017.
  5. Digital Public Services: Trends in European Digital Public Services in the EU 2017.
  6. Research and Development: ICT Sector and R&D performance in the EU 2017.



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