Background information on living with a disability

In the course of building and maintaining the DeveloperSpace, we encountered a number of other interesting summative documents that did not deal with our topic (Access to Information and communication technologies) but did deal with other aspects of disability to the lives of people with disabilities (or digital literacy, aging etc.). These documents do not relate directly to 'Access to ICT’ but they are valuable resources and they do help people interested in access to ICT better understand the lives of people with disabilities and the context into which ICT access must work.

Here then is a widely varying list of resource links relating to ‘other aspects of disability and the lives of people with disabilities’, grouped into related clusters.


Home organization and remodeling


Teaching/Tutoring students with disabilities


Legal and Financial Resources for people with disabilities

  • Legal Resources for Special Needs – This guide is designed to provide information about what legal concerns elderly and disabled individuals might face, and how to address them appropriately if these rights are violated.
  • Disability and Credit Scores – Advice and tips about how to get a free credit report and how to improve it.
  • Financial Planning for Special Needs – A master list of resources that you can tap into to find solutions to the increased level of care of senior adults with special needs, from healthcare through financial.


Work related resources



  • Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs – This guide helps establishing a centralized collection of resources and assistive technology that people with special needs or their careers can use for all aspects of disaster safety, from prevention through intervention and evacuation.