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This listing is a compilation of both questions asked in-site and questions related to accessibility themes gathered from different sources (stackoverflow, UX Stack Exchange).

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by biometrics

Open Source Biometrics, Face Recognition


by brownhci

WebGazer.js: Scalable Webcam EyeTracking Using User Interactions


by z3t0

Infrared remote library for Arduino: send and receive infrared signals with multiple protocols


by markszabo

Infrared remote library for ESP8266: send and receive infrared signals with multiple protocols. Based on:


by cyborg5

Library for receiving, decoding, and sending infrared signals using Arduino


by marcysutton

Slides for my presentations on the Accessibility of Web Components

Anchor links inside div aren't accessible by tab key anymore

I'm currently delving on an A11y issue the project I'm working on has.

  • javascript
  • jquery
  • html
  • coffeescript
  • accessibility

using h4 to denote offscreen text [on hold]

Hello I am reviewing the accessibility of a website and have noticed heading tags being used for off screen text that would only be read by a screen reader.

  • accessibility
  • semantics
  • heading


by webcomponents

You're probably looking for the Gold Standard wiki, which contains the actual Gold Standard che

What is the scoring formula for Lighthouse accessibility audit?

I am using Lighthouse to perform some assessment of an Angular/Node/ionic mobile app. I am achieving 81% - 94% scores. However, I don't know the score is computed.

  • accessibility
  • lighthouse
  • disability

Accessibility Service - Hardware KeyPress

Is it possible to send past command so that it pastes text into currently focused edit text, I am using RFID reader Hardware. Scenario:

  • accessibility
  • accessibilityservice


by eeejay

A XML-RPC service used for examining web pages accessibility

accessibility android Skip nav links are not working

I have added skip to main content links on header in my web app. It works as expected in Windows and MacOS. It even works as expected in IPhone.

  • android
  • accessibility
  • talkback

Making text messages accessible to screen reader

I am building a chat bot and currently working on some accessibility features. I am wondering what is the best way to allow users to read through old messages.

  • javascript
  • accessibility

Forms accessibility - actions on buttons

I have a Shopping Cart and for example there is a <button> that will trigger an action to add an item to the cart.

  • forms
  • accessibility

Grid: Generic filters Vs column level filters

I had a case where there is a view and on that user can apply any filter.
Once filter is applied > it affects all the tabs present in that view.

  • user-behavior
  • navigation
  • accessibility
  • web

Accessibility for custom dropdown button

Hi I need add keyboard navigation and accessibility to my custom dropdown button. Do you have any ideas? I thought about using aria?

  • javascript
  • html5
  • accessibility
  • wcag
  • wcag2.0

How to make PrimeNG Dropdown Keyboard Accessible

I want to make dropdown keyboard accessible. Right now, its not working when i am using keyboard up and down arrow. I applied tabindex but still not working. Anyone have any idea about this..

  • accessibility
  • angular2-forms
  • dropdown
  • primeng