Contribute to Drupal Accessibility

The Drupal Accessibility group is looking for a broad range of help in making Drupal more accessible. Some of them are: 

  • We need help with unit testing for accessibility issues in Drupal.
    • If you've got mad skills at this, we need your experience to help write better tests to verify that accessibility is maintained.
  • We need help with automated testing tools.
    • Ideally every aspect of Drupal Core and all Contributed modules & themes will go through automated accessibility testing. Tools like axe-core can do this, but it requires additional integration.
  • We need more testers.
    • We particularly want users who can test with Dragon Naturally Speaking. Aural interfaces are going to be particularly important for websites, but the Drupal Community does not have a lot of experience building aurally pleasing interfaces.
  • We use Drupal.announce() in Drupal Core, but we need to use it a lot more.
    • Modules & themes in Contrib both need better use of this JavaScript class to consistently integrate aria-live implementations.
  • We don't know what we don't know.
    • Please tell us what we are missing.

For more on Drupal Accessibility - see the Drupal Accessibility Quicksheet in the LEARN  section of this DeveloperSpace