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    by asterics

    AsTeRICS based edition for occupational therapy. It will contain parametrizable models for environmental control, game accessibility and other use cases with easy configurator user interfaces.


    by asterics

    The Assistive Technology Rapid Integration & Construction Set

    AsTeRICS User Manual

    The user manual for the Assistive Technology Rapid Integration & Construction Set, gives an overview of what you can do with AsTeRICS and explains how to create models.

    AsTeRICS Nexus Connector

    This component for the AsTeRICS Framework allows to add custom AsTeRICS one-fits-one accessibility to your applications and web pages via the NEXUS API

    Voice Control in AsTeRICS

    This building block demonstrates the speech recognition and synthesis capabilities of AsTeRICS.

    AsTeRICS WebACS Tutorial

    Find all the information you need to start using the AsTeRICs Configuration Suite, for easily building and adapting "Assistive Technologies"

    AsTeRICS Packaging Environment

    by AsTeRICS

    The APE let's you select a set of AsTeRICS model files and create a downstripped (minimum size) version of the ARE including plugins, configuration files and data files to execute the models. Optionally, the APE allows the creation of native installers for Windows, Linux incl. Raspberry Pi and Mac OSX using JavaFX packaging technology.

    TobiiEyeX: Eye Tracking in AsTeRICS

    Use eye movements and hovering to select user interface buttons.

    AsTeRICS logo

    AsTeRICS Plugin Development - Step by Step

    This tutorial explains how to write a new plugin for AsTeRICS in a step by step guide.

    Integrated Smart Home Example in AsTeRICS

    This building block demonstrates an integrated Smart Home environment based on AsTeRICS.

    IIRFilter: Signal processing and filtering with AsTeRICS

    This bulding block provides adjustable Infinite Impulse Response Filters, based on the Java DSP Library:

    FS20: Wireless Environmental Control with AsTeRICS

    Wireless Environmental Control with FS20 devices.

    AsTeRICS Camera Mouse Model Creation - Step by Step

    Explains how to create a mouse input emulation by creating a camera mouse solution (model) with AsTeRICS in a step by step tutorial.

    Universal HID Actuator

    Asterics compatible Mouse/Keyboard/Joystick Emulation with USB Dongle


    by asterics

    Clinician/Consumer Custom Solution Development environment

    P4A’s DeveloperSpace’s building block AsteRICs module was implemented in the Guadalinex OS. The module has been implemented in 800 Guadalinfo’s telecenters in 10.000 workstations with nearly 1.000.000 users.


    by asterics

    The standalone versions of dedicated AsTeRICS components delivered as Building Blocks for the Prosperity For All project (P4All)