Physical Disabilities

A physical disability is a limitation on a person's physical functioning, mobility, dexterity or stamina


by cyborg5

Library for receiving, decoding, and sending infrared signals using Arduino


by aritchie

Easy to use cross platform speech recognition (speech to text) plugin for Xamarin & UWP


by mdbridge

Chrome browser extension that provides support for activating links and other elements by voice commands


by chriskwan

Image Editing Software for People with Disabilities

AsTeRICS Nexus Connector

This component for the AsTeRICS Framework allows to add custom AsTeRICS one-fits-one accessibility to your applications and web pages via the NEXUS API


by rzambre

This repository contains the source code for a camera mouse: a head-controlled mouse. The project is implemented in MATLAB.


by mpatacchiola

Computer Vision library for human-computer interaction. It implements Head Pose and Gaze Direction Estimation Using Convolutional Neural Networks, Skin Detection through Backprojection, Motion Detection and Tracking, Saliency Map.