Physical Disabilities

A physical disability is a limitation on a person's physical functioning, mobility, dexterity or stamina

Predicting Parkinson's Disease Progression with Smartphone Data

The Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson's Research

This work aims to objectively measure the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease with a smartphone Data related to Audio, Accelerometry, Compass, Ambient light, Proximity, Battery level were collected from smartphones.

Tappy Keystroke Data

Warwick R. Adams

Keystroke logging app, Tappy, is used to build a dataset for detecting changes in characteristics of Parkinson's disease. A keystroke logging app, Tappy, was installed on participants personal computers. It recorded key press and release timings as the participants work on their computers at home.
ParkinsonsFinger movement

Gait Dynamics in Neurodegenerative Disease Database

Jeffrey M. Hausdorff

A dataset of gait dynamics is collected to quantify the effect of neuro-generative diseases on mobility. Patients and control participants wore force resistive sensors as they walk on a predefined path, features for each stride is computed and provided.

PD_MIT-CS1PD:Computer keyboard interaction as an indicator of early Parkinson's disease

L. Giancardo, A. Sánchez-Ferro, T. Arroyo-Gallego, I. Butterworth, C. S. Mendoza, P. Montero, M. Matarazzo, J. A. Obeso, M. L. Gray, R. San José Estépar

Two datasets of key press and release timings is collected to detect motor impairment in early stage Parkinson's disease, this is the smaller dataset. Keyhold times for typing tasks is recorded for building a machine learning model for detecting motor impairment.

Parkinson Speech Dataset with Multiple Types of Sound Recordings Data Set

B. Sakar, M. Erdem Isenkul, C. Okan Sakar, A. Sertbas, F. Gurgen, S. Delil, H. Apaydin, O. Kursun

This work aims to understand the predictiveness of voice samples in Parkinsons Disease Diagnosis and see how well the central tendency and dispersion metrics serve as representatives of all sample recordings of a subject Participants were given samples to read out that were then recorded.

Parkinson's Disease Observations

K. Thiyagarajan

This dataset provides different observation variables regarding parkinson's disease. Some of these variables include acoustic characteristics of voice signals (jimmer, shimmer) and have a very high correlation with each other.

Vision-based assessment of parkinsonism and levodopa-induced dyskinesia with pose estimation

Michael H. Li, Tiago A. Mestre, Susan H. Fox , B. Taati

This work evaluates the feasibility of computer-vision based assessment of parkinsonism and LID using pose estimation. Tasks were given and recorded on video while constantly assessing parkinsonism and LID through clinical rating scales.
ParkinsonsLevodopa-induced dyskinesia

User Interface Options Plus (UIO+)

by Fluid Project

User Interface Options Plus (UIO+) allows you to customize websites to match your own personal needs and preferences. Settings for the adaptations can be set via the UIO+ adjuster panel or, if on a GPII (Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure) enable machine, from a keyed in preference set.

Adaptive user interfaces can change their appearance and/or interaction behaviour to match the requirements of an individual user, the used device and current context conditions.