Physical Disabilities

A physical disability is a limitation on a person's physical functioning, mobility, dexterity or stamina


by PrecisionGazeMouse

Precisely move your mouse by gazing at a point on the screen or by moving your head


by t12t

A curated list of web accessibility meetups

P4A’s DeveloperSpace’s building block AsteRICs module was implemented in the Guadalinex OS. The module has been implemented in 800 Guadalinfo’s telecenters in 10.000 workstations with nearly 1.000.000 users.

Integrated Smart Home Example in AsTeRICS

This building block demonstrates an integrated Smart Home environment based on AsTeRICS.

TobiiEyeX: Eye Tracking in AsTeRICS

Use eye movements and hovering to select user interface buttons.


by alphagov

An autocomplete component, built to be accessible.


by eQualityTime

Communication Device without visual cues.


by OptiKey

Spelling tool using the OptiKey codebase