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by Asqatasun

Contrast-Finder finds correct color contrasts (background / foreground) for web accessibility (a11y, WCAG, RGAA).


by indr

Android media navigator app for blind and visually impaired


by ujjwalgulecha

GDG Hackathon . App for the blind to be able to send and receive messages. We got 3rd Prize


by Jason-NIU

Face switch is an application used for helping paralyzed people to use computers, Keyword: disabled people, aid,facial gestures,Sip and Puff switch, EMG switch, Head Switch,face gesture detection, Eye tracker, face tracker


by trevortaks

This is a badly implemented translator that just takes Engish text and perfoms the signs. It uses the the Stanford Parser for text processing and JASigning for the signing avatar.


by REMEXLabs

Settings-based personalization framework


by SeifMostafa

Control by Sign language


by Asqatasun

Asqatasun Jenkins plugin to leverage web accessibility (a11y) testing in Continuous Integration


by KomodoOpenLab

InputAccessLib is a library that enhances the compatibility of Android applications with a variety of alternative input devices such as external keyboards, adapted switches, hands-free kits and remote controls.


by MichaelWehar

Experimenting with audio and limited visuals.


by llRizvanll

Demo for retrieving window content on selected apps from same device . A Library that can collect info of window content of apps placed inside as app.


by ProjPossibility

Lunar Tabs is an Android-based screen reader friendly guitar tablature reader.


by REMEXLabs

This prototypical implementation will show the transfer of URC (Universal Remote Console) to the Eclipse Smart Home project.


by ProjPossibility

Desktop Version of Lunar Tabs: Accessible Guitar Tab Reader

Open BCI: Bioelectric Signal Acquisition and Processing

The Open BCI project provides open source hardware and software for bioelectric signal acquisition systems (biosignal amplifiers).


by scheah

A Google Glass App - For spell checking text

IIRFilter: Signal processing and filtering with AsTeRICS

This bulding block provides adjustable Infinite Impulse Response Filters, based on the Java DSP Library:

FS20: Wireless Environmental Control with AsTeRICS

Wireless Environmental Control with FS20 devices.

Integrated Smart Home Example in AsTeRICS

This building block demonstrates an integrated Smart Home environment based on AsTeRICS.