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by schne324

Accessible drag and drop list reorder module


by liip

The A11y Machine is an automated accessibility testing tool which crawls and tests pages of any web application to produce detailed reports.


by alphagov

An autocomplete component, built to be accessible.


by bwssytems

Home automation bridge that emulates a Philips Hue light system and can control other systems such as a Vera, Harmony Hub, Nest, MiLight bulbs or any other system that has an http/https/tcp/udp interface. This is a compact impl to run on small format computers. This is impl started from this project


by zenorocha

:speaker: Web Component wrapper to the Web Speech API, that allows you to do voice recognition and speech synthesis using Polymer


by girliemac

Simple AI Chat Bot Demo with Web Speech API


by Azure-Samples

SDK & Sample to do speech recognition using websockets in Javascript


by openhab

Amazon Echo Alexa Skill for openHAB


by mdbridge

Chrome browser extension that provides support for activating links and other elements by voice commands


by slifty

A SocketIO API for live TV closed captions


by macdonst

W3C Web Speech API - Speech Recognition plugin for PhoneGap


by unityfire

An Amazon Echo skill for controlling your Home Automation via voice


by macdonst

W3C Web Speech API - Speech synthesis plugin for PhoneGap


by pibara

Simple python web server for converting Smashwords epub files to an OpenDyslexic release of the same book.


by sensusaps

Open source version of the RoboBraille Web Service. Developed by Sensus ApS.

User Interface Options Plus (UIO+)

by Fluid Project

User Interface Options Plus (UIO+) allows you to customize websites to match your own personal needs and preferences. Settings for the adaptations can be set via the UIO+ adjuster panel or, if on a GPII (Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure) enable machine, from a keyed in preference set.

Rocket Validator

Rocket Validator provides web developers with a web spider that can crawl a complex site and check up to 5,000 pages for HTML5 conformance and accessibility.

508 Checker

by Formstack

With you can quickly check a webpage for 508 compliance and learn more about how to become 508 compliant.


by P4ALLcerthiti

A Server-Client implementation for Stress Detection using the C++ casablanca cpprest SDK. This module is developed within the premises of the Prosperity4All FP7 project.